Please note a full service report will be given before seeking permission to repair or replace defective parts.

A quote will be given for any work to be done, before it is carried out.

~~ Motorhome servicing is for Habitation only - as listed below but excludes chassis and running gear ~~


Complete Caravan Service as follows:

Single axle and Double axle units


Check condition of the following :

Body panels / Locks / Catches / Hinges (lubricate as necessary) / Trims / Awning rail / Windows and seals / Grab Handles / Other body attachments


Check condition of the following :

Cupboard Hinges / Stays / Locks and Catches / Skylight security and condition / Check fly screens and adjust if necessary

All ventilation points are clean and clear of obstructions

Damp Test all interior and issue report

Check Floor for delamination

Water System

Check water pump operation / Check and adjust pressure switch / Check condition of filter and housing - replace filter if required

Check operation of all taps and shower / Check all water pipes and fittings / Check Toilet for operation lubricate etc. / Inspect drain plugs for seal and operation

Gas Supply and Appliances

Check regulator and carry out leak test on system / Check condition and age of Flexible Hose / Check condition and integrity of pipe work

Inspect gas bottle security / Check all gas dispersal holes are clear / Check operation of all gas appliances / Check all Flame Failure Devices (FFD's)

Fridge is not serviced unless requested

Carry out Carbon Monoxide test

Electrical System 230vand 12v

Check condition of 230v hook up cable / Plug and socket / Caravan Socket external / Operation of MCB's and RCD

Check condition of all Wiring and Sockets / Operation of all 230v appliances

Check operation of external road lights / Condition of 12n and 12s Plugs and Cables / Condition of 12v wiring and internal lighting /operation of 12v fridge / operation of heating blown air system / operation roof fans and extractor fans

Check battery and operation of battery charging system 230v and 12v

Check condition of fire alarm / carbon monoxide alarm if fitted, replace batteries if required

Check fire extinguisher and fire blanket for security and dates etc

Any other installations will be checked for condition and safety

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 Chassis and Running Gear

Check condition and operation of coupling head / Ball hitch Stabiliser / over run device / breakaway cable / Jockey Wheel / Hand brake and lubricate where necessary

Check brake cables and rods clean and grease where necessary

Remove road wheel and check for condition and age of tyres (check spare where fitted) check tyre pressures

Remove brake drums and check for lining thickness and condition / check condition of wheel bearings and seals

Clean and grease where necessary

Replace brake drum using new ALKO one shot nuts and torque to manufacturers specifications (old one shot nuts will be left in customers caravan for inspection these are included in service price)

Adjust brakes to manufacturers specifications

Replace road wheels and torque to manufacturers specifications (please see notes at foot of page)

Check security of chassis and body attachment bolts

Check spare wheel carrier

Check, operate and lubricate all corner steadies

Check suspension operation and ride height

Run self test for caravans fitted with the ALKO Automatic Trailer Control system / check function and integrity