TINY POD CARAVAN PROJECT I bought this Tiny Fella of Ebay as a Project.


Bit of a tight squeeze but he just fits into my garage.

I've decided to reduce the weight by changing the suspension unit and tow hitch. The original chassis is from an old caravan and is very heavy to move around by hand. The suspension unit has now been removed and is ready for a lighter version.

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Looking inside to the front. The walls and celling have already been covered by the previous owner, and some storage space has been constructed. The covering is going to be removed and replaced with new, and a change around of the cupboard space layout.   Inside looking to the back. There are 2 small port hole windows, that I will be replacing with bigger windows to let more light in and there is also a space in the roof for a small skylight. The floor in real wood covering, again this will be replaced to reduce weight.

Removed old heavy hitch ready for it's new lighter hitch.

New lighter hitch which is perfect for the nose weight.


Lighter Axle in place ready for welding.

At last we can see the light. The original port hole window has been filled in and the new windows on both side have been cut and fitted ready for the rubber window seal.



Rest of the Ply lining has been glued and screwed in place.

Ply lining is now completed, and filler has been used to cover the holes and uneven areas ready for the Aluminium sheeting.



First piece of Aluminium is the angled skirt.


 Door side is nearly complete the door has been cut out.



Back view, each sheet over laps by a good 12" on top of the next for a good seal.


The front is complete with the wiring ready in place for the lighting. (you can just see the skylight)



The Door and window are now been fitted.

Our guilty pleasure is a posh skylight.  It came from a Motorhome and has a wood surround with spot lights set into it.



Skylight, this has to be the best bit we can now watch the stars at night.

A view looking in through the door at the new cupboard space at the front.



T.V space in the middle, the 2 cupboards on the right of the T.V will have doors the one on the left is left open and the long area above the T.V is also left open.

Front box is where the Gas and Cool box will be stored for transit.



Back view of lights, awning rail on the left side along the roof and also the metal trim covering the joins

Floor carpet has been laid and the start of the seating/bed has been built.



Hitched up for a quick run around the block to see how it handles, and it handles like dream.

Looking through to the back seating and bed which pulls out.



Looking to the front right, small drop down cupboard and below

Looking to the front left, space for our pooch to sleep and above to the left small open cupboard and of course not fogetting the T.V


Last of all my guilty pleasure, my rooflight with spot lights.

At last enjoying the goodlife, first big adventure for our little Pod Island hopping on the Outer Hebrides (looking out to sea from the Isle of Barra)  We have a full awning to go on the Pod but we pitched for one night and put our porch on.  Lovely Jubbly!!!!!!