Day Five (Orkney Isles - Gills Bay to Kyle of Tongue) Miles 35 and 53 Mins this is from Brought of Barsey to St Margrets Hope Ferry Port to Gills bay by Ferry and back onto the 500 trail again. To the Kyle of Tongue Camp site which was 1 hour 30 mins and 58 miles, this is does not account for stopping off in places on the way to look. Total days Miles 93 and 3 Hours and 5 mins.

We arrived back at Gills bay for 12.30 (You can call back at the Gills Bay campsite and replenish the water, empty your waste and have a shower for a small charge which is very helpful to know if you planning on more free camping)   Time for Dinner, we made our way upto Dunnet Head. Dunnet head is the most Northernly point of Scotland and Great Britian. We pulled into the car park, reversed in for the best views, then lunch of tea and toasties.   

Everyone refreshed! then lets carry on, we called at Thurso for food at Lidl and then made our way to Wolfburn Whiskey, yes another sampling section, the Whiskey was expensive but worth the money again the Whiskey is totally diffrent this time we came away with £100 worth of booze that should last us a good 5 years!!! especally when one of the Whiskeys is 48% volume!!!

Bayview Campsite

Bay View Campsite was at a little place called Talmine around the  Kyle of Tongue.  The site is basic and cost us £20 a night  for 5 of us with no EHU  situated  at the side of a lovely bay and pretty village.  If you take your motorhome there is no hose pipe extenstion in order for you to fill your water tank, you would be ok if you had a small campervan and fill the water tank via a watering can. The toilet block is basic and has 1 shower in the ladies which all in all was nice a hot in large room.  The site is ideal for a one night stop 

Day six Kyle of Tongue ( Bay View Campsite) to Scourie 1 hour 33 mins and 54 miles,this is does not account for stopping off in places on the way to look.

Todays journey will take us from the Kyle of Togue to Scourie Camping site taking in quite few attractions.  We made our way from the campsite towards Loch Eriboll  which takes you round the loch, the scenery was breath taking.  Ard Neakie Lime Kilns was very special the habitants of the island was surounded on 3 side by the sea the causway leading to the House.  As we made our way round we called at a little Cafe  Choraidh Croft Tea-Room which looked over the Loch and also had a small CL site perfect and peaceful for a stop over. 

Golden Eagle Zip Line in Durness

When I was looking into things to do I noticed this on the web and thought right its only a short Zip Wire and I can do this, arrived and parked in the car park  looking over the beautiful bay of  Ceannabeinne Beach.  We then made our way up a short hill along the road to the platform were we were togged up in our gear. At this point I was calm and then placed onto the Zip Wire and pushed!!!!  10 metres into the journey I thought "what on earth Im I doing"  shall I close my eyes then I though no you've come this far to miss the view, the view was lovley but over with in around 2 minutes and I have to say I will not be doing any more Zip Wiring again,  I landed on the finishing platform and un togged and watched Paul assend down the Zip flaying around like he was swatting flies!!! 

Smoo Cave

Smoo Cave well worth a vist, there are quite a few steps down but you can stop and take in the veiws for a breather as you go.   On the Day we went there was no boat Trips but you can go inside the caves via the boat.

Would you trust this man above with your Caravan or Motorhome?  yes its Mr Paul Karran.

Scourie Camping Site

We arrived at Sourie Campsite around 4.30 and the weather had started to turn into rain. Upon arrival we booked in and the lady on the desk in the office was talking to another newbie arrival and she suggeted he parked in certain place as  the weather was down for windy!!!   I think the scottish people call what we call Gails as Wind because to me it was not just your normal windy weather, anyway I will get onto this further on.  Around  6 o'clock we made our way to  Scourie Hotel  which is only about 3-4 minute walk up the road for a meal (we had booked the table as this is advised)  The Place and the Staff  were very freindly and  the meal was lovely,  we would recomend a meals here. Right getting back to the weather upto now we had, had lovely weather perfect for doing things through the day warm and a bit of rain on a night but all in all very good for the time of year until this night,  like I said it was starting to rain as we arrived at Scourie and progressed to get heavier as the evening went on well!!!  by late evening and into the early hours of the moring it was blowing a hoolly as they say, what I would class as Gail force wind hitting us from every direction, Paul and I were sleeping in the over head cab bunk, the windy was making the panel of the roof rattle, so all I could image was the very large sheet of metal taking flight through the night and expossing us to the evening sky, we were parked right on the edge of the Hard standing pitch with about 10 foot between us and a 25 foot drop into water the only thing that could possably stop us would have been a small barrier of a wood plank off about 6" so you can imagine us panicking with the thought of being  blown over the edge luckily the chocks were in place, anyway Im glad to report everything was fine. The next morning it was lovely again in contast to the night before.  The Camp Site cost us £49 for 5 of us but it was really well managed and had all the amenites you would need and lovley clean warm free showers.